T'kasha's Treasures

T'kasha's Treasures



Finally finishing with your last errand, you step out & notice the clear night sky already starting to blaze with its heavenly lights.

A town crier can be heard on a distant corner as you start on your way home.....


"Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!! All ye Lords & Ladies.....Knights & Dames.....Lads & Lasses..... Any & all that 'are' in or show an 'interest' in SCA, Renaissance Faires, Ancient Re-enactments, Highland or Scottish Games, Celtic or Irish Festivals.....or anything even remotely resembling Medieval things, gather 'round & listen tae what I treat ye tae on this fine day....."

His voice is almost lost amongst the hustle & bustle of the still-busy streets within the merchants' rows.

Winding your way thru the well-worn roads on your journey home, you make ready to turn a corner.....but stop suddenly, as the subtle fragrance of spiced pumpkin caresses you. Smiling to yourself & inhaling deeply, you glance about, trying to discern the origin of the sweet smell. Suddenly, your eyes are drawn to.....a quaint little shop on the corner.


The warm glow of the flickering fireplace flames radiates thru the shop's stained-glass windows....dancing across & illuminating the intricately carved & painted overhead sign -- T'kasha's Treasures --draws you closer. The enticing aroma intensifies as you now position yourself right in front of the shop. You marvel at the male & female period clothing displayed, then glance down at the small, hand-painted sign in the bottom of the window, which reads....."Please Come In". Entranced, you reach for the door handle, turn it & walk in. Immediately, a small bell jingles, announcing your presence. Gently closing the door, you look about wide-eyed as your mind & body fully embrace the spices that have lured you there. You see that it's much larger than it actually appears from the outside. 2-story high walls are hung with exquisite burgundy baroque silk tapestries & oil paintings of different nature scenes in elaborate, gilded frames. Intricately carved, overstuffed furniture abounds throughout the magnificent room & is arranged so that no matter where you sit, you can see everyone that enters. You feel relaxed in the room's settling warmth.....a combination of the different wall hangings, the mahogany & cherry furniture & the full-wall stone fireplace on the left of the room.

Making your way over to the right side of the room, opposite the fireplace, to peruse the racks of men's & ladies clothing hung there, a set of 3 wooden steps comes into view, situated right in front of the fireplace.....on the polished table near them, you recognize notions of the trade -- a ribbon with measures on it, a small box with fastening instruments in it, a silver thimble & other little knick-knacks. At the back right corner of the room, is a small, sconce-laden hallway.....leading to a workshop.

After spending a few minutes acquainting yourself with the marvelous array of different-coloured & styled clothing, your ears pick up a soft rustling sound. Looking around momentarily, your eyes fix on a female figure descending one of two magnificently carved staircases located at the very back of the room.

As she approaches, she smiles warmly & greets you with a melodic Irish brogue. "Good day tae ye & welcome! I am the proprietress, T'kasha. Please feel free tae browse at yer leisure. Iffen there 'tis anything I can do fer ya or any question ya have.....please donnae hesitate tae call upon mae."


I leave you to your adventure..... Enjoy!!!





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